Easy, gut healthy meals for the whole family

As a busy doctor-mom, I’ve experienced the temptation to reach for the most convenient foods, either on grocery store shelves or the drive through window. And I see how my patients struggle to have a well-balanced diet in today’s busy world. That’s why I’m always looking to find ways to simplify my and my patients’ […]

Busting the top 6 biggest gut health myths of all time

While the internet and social media have made health resources and advice even more accessible to the public than ever before, they have also become platforms for pharmaceutical companies, untrained health gurus and influencers, and dieting schemes to pressure consumers and spread misinformation about health. Specifically, gut health is a topic where there are many […]

Optimizing your Gut: Summer Edition

Did you know that your gut microbiome changes with the seasons? Our microbiome is made up of  30-100 trillion bacteria, viruses, fungi, and single celled organisms. As our gut microbiome has changed and evolved with us through time, it makes sense it would change with us through the seasons, too.    Why eating seasonally is […]

The Ins and Outs of Colonoscopies

So your gastroenterologist says you need a colonoscopy. That initial statement is probably pretty scary. “You’re going to put a tube where?”  But colonoscopies are an important screening and diagnostic tool that we use to keep you safe and healthy. And once you know what’s coming, you’ll see that there isn’t much to worry about.  […]

More bang for your bite! Synergistic foods to amp up your nutrition

Variety is the spice of life, and this is also true when it comes to our diets! By now, we can all probably rattle off a list of healthy foods that are beneficial, but did you know that eating certain foods together can have even more of a nutritional impact? Sure, there are certain foods […]

Go with Your Gut! How Mental Health and Gut Health Go Hand-in-Hand

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While seeking therapy, opening up to loved ones and creating healthy self-care and stress management habits are often the go-to recommendations for treating anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders, there is a very physical and scientific connection between the mind and gut that isn’t often explained in depth.  […]

Living with IBD: Your Initial Diagnosis

The Gut is at the Center

You’ve been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.  That initial diagnosis of a chronic condition can be overwhelming. It’s scary. It’s confusing. Most of all, it’s lonely and can leave you feeling alienated from your old life and your loved ones.  The impact of IBD goes beyond the physical symptoms and, for most, it impacts their […]