Colon cancer risk factors

Are you worried about colon cancer risk factors? You are not alone. Colon cancer is very common. It’s one of the top three cancers in the USA.

Sleep and Gut Health 

Studies have shown that those with sleeping disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea are more likely to suffer from poor gut microbiome balance, which can lead to a variety of digestive issues.

Baby and Maternal Microbiome

The maternal microbiome is known to be passed down from mother to child during birth. This plays a key role in the development and health of the baby.

Top picks for Valentine’s Day

I have carefully curated a Valentine’s Day shopping list with items that will support gut health and are made sustainably!

Recipes for Veganuary

The goal of Veganuary is to help people understand and enjoy the vegan lifestyle, with the hope that they will continue eating vegan for the remainder of the year and beyond. Here are some easy, gut-healthy recipes to get you started