Recent Speaking Engagements


  • Nutrition Studies Conference; November 2020; Gut Health and the Microbiome



  • Immunity Boost Festival; October 2020; The Role of the Gut in Immunity



  • Colon cancer screening Social Media Awareness Project; September 2020 


  • Chef AJ’s Podcast; September 2020; The Role of Diet in Digestive Health


  • Gut Heal Protocol 2020; September 2020; Transitioning to a Plant-based diet


  • Plant Powered Metro NYC; September 2020; Gut Health Webinar


  • Winning Women: My Health Matters Virtual Summit; July 2020; The Role of Nutrition in Supporting the Immune System


  • Cooking Demo and Nutrition Panel for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation; June 2020; Panelist


  • Better Life Summits - GI Health Summit with Chef AJ; November 2020; Nutrition and Digestive Health


  • Nutrition Monterrey Webinar; May 2020; Nutrition and Digestive Health


  • Healthy and Happy Lifestyle Summit; May 2020; Health and the Gut Microbiome


  • Social Media Discussions; April 2020; Fertility, with Sabrina Gerkowicz


  • Seed Food and Wine; November 2019; Plant-Based Nutrition

Feature Articles

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