Bloating & How to Reduce It Guide




Bloating and distention of the abdomen are two of the most commonly recorded digestive symptoms. They affect anywhere between 16-19% of the general population and can be caused by a wide variety of underlying issues. For many, the severity of the condition often worsens throughout the day and can be heavily impacted by diet and lifestyle.

Bloating is categorized as a feeling of uncomfortable and sometimes painful fullness or pressure in the abdomen as a result of excessive gas, air, or stool. While bloating is common, it is often a sign that something more is happening beneath the surface that may need to be addressed. Learning what is normal and when you should see a doctor will help you navigate the uncomfortable symptoms and know how and when to treat the condition.

My Reducing Bloating guide will help you to understand causes, contributing factors and foods to avoid, integrative approaches to help treat it (my top 10 tips) and so much more!


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