Top picks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for lovers, friends and parents! What better way to show your love than giving them something special? While traditional gifts such as chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are popular, there are also plenty of healthier alternatives! A healthy gift can be a great way to show your love. And it will also encourage optimal health! So this Valentine’s Day, make sure to give the gift of health and wellness! Here are my top 9 products to shop this holiday season. 



Osea is a vegan, cruelty free product made with high quality ingredients and no fragrances. My skin, especially my hands, tends to get extra dry during the cooler weather of the winter months. Having Osea lotion is such a special treat. Osea is one of my favorite beauty companies for all of my skin care needs. The best part? It is made in the U.S. California, to be exact! Use code PLANTBASED10 for 10% off!


Red light therapy is a natural, drug-free treatment that uses red and near-infrared light for skin care and healing. It treats wrinkles, scars, and other signs of aging on the face and body. Additionally, studies have shown that red light has anti-inflammatory properties! This can reduce pain in people with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. It has beneficial effects on wound healing, collagen production, and the growth of new capillaries as well. By increasing circulation and stimulating tissue regeneration, red light therapy can:

  • Enhance skin texture
  • Reduce wrinkles and age spots
  • Improve tone and elasticity
  • Create a more youthful appearance

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain and autoimmune issues, this gift could be life changing. Learn more. 


Air Doctor 3000

Using a quality air purifier removes toxins from the air before they have a chance to hurt our microbiome. By making the air we breathe as clean as possible, we set ourselves, and our family members, up for success in keeping our bodies and immune systems running efficiently. This is a major contributor to good health. We use the AirDoctor in our home; it contains an ultra Hepa filter that filters out particles as small as 0.003 microns, meaning it catches even the smallest of viruses and other particles!

AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier

The water we drink is a major vector for pollutants. Investing in a water filter is essential for reducing all types of potentially harmful particles in the water. By removing toxins and pollutants from our water, we are taking the extra steps to help our gut microbiota flourish as it helps to reduce the risk factors of a variety of diseases. We have pretty strict water quality standards in the U.S. Yet those can vary significantly from one location to the next. A water filter eliminates ALL the toxins. A key note is to regularly change your filter to ensure your purifier is running in top condition.

Gardyn: Indoor Home Garden

Gardyn focuses on reaching all communities with healthy, fresh ingredients. They offer food and seeds you are able to grow in your own home, free from pesticides, and with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional produce. Looking for a way to reduce your grocery bill and start your own home garden? Gardyn will help you get started.



I love Lovevery toys because not only are they designed by experts in childhood development, but they are also made with sustainable, natural, and organic materials. Sign up for their subscription and you’ll get developmentally appropriate toys delivered depending on your child’s age right to your door without having to think about it! A great gift that keeps on giving for your kids!

Land of dough

Play-Dough is a great way for kids to unleash their creativity and explore the world around them. That’s why I love Land of Dough! It helps promote imaginative play, encourages creative problem-solving skills and provides an opportunity to practice fine motor skills. With its bright colors and soft pliable texture, Land of Dough captivates children’s attention and encourages them to engage their senses. It also helps children to learn colors and shapes while they play. Land of Dough is nontoxic so makes it a safe and enjoyable activity for the whole family.


Organic bars are an ideal snack for kids since they contain only natural, unprocessed ingredients and no artificial colors, preservatives and additives. That’s why I love Skout! These bars provide important vitamins and minerals that children need for proper growth and development without the unhealthy ingredients typically found in processed snacks. These organic bars are also a great alternative for kids who may have food allergies or sensitivities, since they are free from common allergens like wheat, dairy and soy. Use code PLANTBASEDGUT for a 20% discount!

Amazon storefront 

My Amazon Storefront is a great place to start as you’re putting together your ideas for everyone you’re shopping for. I’ve carefully curated the list with items that will support gut health, are made sustainably and are generally free from the harmful toxins we tend to encounter in our everyday lives. Click the link below to shop!

P.S. Don’t forget to visit my shop page for more, including my very own ebooks to get you started on your gut health journey!


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