Nontoxic Holiday Roundup

Why consider going nontoxic

Toxic chemicals live in our environment and our homes. These do us harm. Pesticides, microplastics, air pollution, heavy metals, and mycotoxins (from mold and other fungi) live among us. These chemicals are released into the air from our cars and stoves to our sofa beds. These chemicals are in home-building materials! Even the smallest amount of water damage can lead to mold spores in the air.

Toxins are also in many things our children wear, use, and play with. This is why shopping organic, particularly for clothing, is crucial to their overall health. Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides. Thus, organic clothing products have fewer chemicals and more natural options.

Health should be a total package

My favorite nontoxic brands promote and help support a healthy gut and overall health-related goals. As a GI doctor, I always tell my patients how important it is to focus on their health as a total package rather than trying to spot treat with targeted remedies. The air you breathe and the water you drink have huge impacts on your gut health and immune system. Yes, even if you are otherwise eating a clean and healthy diet!

I’ve discussed in previous blogs the importance of clean air and purified drinking water to the health of your gut. There is consistently more research on the negative impacts of pollutants on our gut health and microbiota. We often emphasize food and beverages when focusing on our diet and the impacts what we are consuming has on our gut health. We take measures to limit heavily processed foods and lots of refined sugars. However, it is just as essential to make sure the air that we are breathing, the water we are drinking, the makeup products we are using and the clothes we are wearing are fresh and free from toxins and pollutants.

Brands I trust as a GI doctor

It is very important to research the products you are bringing into your home! Here are several of my favorite items that would make perfect, thoughtful gifts or additions to your home! It can be time-consuming and overwhelming to do your own research. I hope this list gives you a good start!

Two of the top products I love and frequently share – an air and water purifier. I’ve also included some of my favorite products from my Amazon Storefront.

Air Doctor 3000

Using a quality air purifier removes toxins from the air before they have a chance to hurt our microbiome. By making the air we breathe as clean as possible, we set ourselves, and our family members, up for success. This will help to keep our bodies and immune systems running efficiently, a significant contributor to good health. We use the AirDoctor in our home. It contains an ultra Hepa filter that filters out particles as small as 0.003 microns. This means it catches even the smallest of viruses and other particles!

AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier

The water we drink is a significant vector for pollutants. Investing in a water filter is essential for reducing potentially harmful particles. By removing toxins and contaminants from our water, we are taking the extra steps to help our gut microbiota flourish as it helps reduce the risk factors of various diseases. We have pretty strict water quality standards in the U.S. Yet, they can vary significantly from one location to the next. A water filter eliminates toxins not heavily regulated! Remember to regularly changing your filter to ensure your purifier is running in top condition.

Branch Basics Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner 

Commercially produced cleaners contain toxins and fragrances. Investing in non-toxic cleaning products like Branch Basics allows you to keep your home clean without using anything with heavy fragrances or chemicals. Research also shows that using a non-toxic cleaning product (like Branch Basics) is much more effective than sanitizers and disinfectants at removing harmful germs. More effective with fewer chemicals? Sign me up! Use my link to save $10!

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Pillows

Pillows are such a critical part of getting a restful night’s sleep. I love these cotton pillows (made of organic, fiber-based PLA batting filler)! In addition, this non-toxic material is a 100% renewable resource! So when you lay your head down at night, you can rest at ease knowing you are sleeping on a pillow that is supporting your overall gut health. Try them in firm or soft!

iRobot Roomba

As with the air purifier, keeping your home clean is essential to your overall health. With kids and pets, this can be a big challenge, especially if you find yourself vacuuming and sweeping multiple times a day, especially if you have carp! A Roomba is a great solution. You program it to run whenever you’d like, and it does the hard work for you. Is there any more fabulous gift than a few minutes back into your busy day?

Osea Body Lotion

This ocean lotion is decadent. It is smooth, fragrance-free, and perfect for even the most sensitive skin. My skin, especially my hands, tends to get extra dry during the cooler weather of the winter months, so having a nice lotion is such a special treat. Osea is one of my favorite beauty companies for my skincare needs. The best part? It is made of naturally derived, clean, cruelty-free, climate-neutral, and vegan ingredients. My followers can use the code PLANTBASED10 for 10% off – all first time customers!

Lume Box Red Light Therapy 

I love red light therapy. It can reduce pain and inflammation, help you have healthier skin, and can help improve cognition, among many other benefits. In addition, this product is great because it is portable, with a battery charger and a travel case.

On top of these suggestions, some of my other favorite brands are:

  • Dime Skincare & Beauty – Dime Beauty is a company founded on the principles of creating clean, sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products for women of all ages. Use code VanessaM20 to save!
  • Ilia Beauty – Ilia Beauty makes makeup and skincare products with clean and sustainable ingredients to provide the best skincare products, packages their products with recycled and responsibly sourced materials and helps their customers recycle their empty packaging by partnering with a company called Pact Collective. How cool?
  • Gardyn: Indoor Home Garden – Gardyn is a company focused on reaching all communities with healthy, fresh ingredients that you can grow in your own home, free from pesticides, and with a smaller environmental footprint than conventional produce. Looking for a way to reduce your grocery bill and start your home garden? Gardyn is a great company to help you get started. Use code plantbasedgutdoc for $75 off!

My favorite children’s brands:

  • Lovevery – I love Lovevery toys! They designed by experts in childhood development. The products contain sustainable, natural, and organic materials. Sign up for their subscription, and you’ll get developmentally appropriate toys delivered depending on your child’s age right to your door without having to think about it! 
  • Hanna Andersson – Hanna Andersson is a great children’s clothing shop. They focus on sustainably made products designed with children’s needs in mind.
  • NEST Diapers – Diapers are so close to our kids’ skin, yet many are made with a long list of chemicals and take up space in landfills after use. NEST diapers use plant-based, sustainable materials designed to degrade. Use PLANT20 for 20% off your first purchase! 
  • Q for Quinn – A company known for its organic cotton, linen, and wool, Q is for Quinn makes products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, with a focus on sustainability and the environment. Use code PLANTBASEDGUTDOC10 for 10 percent off! 
  • Finn and Emma – Organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood are all components that make up children’s clothing, toys, and accessories. 

I hope this gives you a head start on your holiday shopping or wish list creation. I always love using the holidays as a springboard for my New Year’s resolutions, and some of my favorite gifts to receive are ones that help support my health and my family’s overall well-being!

P.S. Want more? Download my complete nontoxic gift guide here!


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