5 reasons you need Gardyn, an indoor garden

Do you have a resolution to eat healthier this year? Grow your own food but maybe you’re limited on space? Gardyn is an indoor gardening system that allows users to grow 30 large plants on auto-pilot. It’s truly a garden of the future and uses AI technology to produce a bountiful harvest with a minimal footprint! For $29-$34 a month for a home kit, it’s surprisingly reasonable when you think about what you spend on produce at the grocery store or farmer’s market each week!  

Gardyn is focused on reaching all communities with healthy, fresh ingredients that you are able to grow in your own home, free from pesticides, and with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional produce. It is a great way to reduce your grocery bill and start your own home garden! Below are five reasons why I encourage you to check it out!

#1 It’s good for your microbiome

Gardyn gives you a continuous flow of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs to to feed a family of 4-6! Plus, all seeds are organic, locally-sourced, and non-GMO. It’s great for your microbiome.

#2 It maintains freshness and nutritional quality!

Grocery store produce loses up to 40% of its nutritional value by the time it’s consumed. Gardyn produce maintains its nutritional value because you’re able to harvest what you want and eat it right away!

#3 It promotes mindfulness & connection to food

Because you’re growing your own food, Gardyn provides a moment of mindfulness and connection with your food that you can’t get anywhere else!

#4 It’s good for you and the planet!

Gardyn yields the same amount of produce as a 1,300 sq ft outdoor vegetable garden. Gardyn allows you to grow your own produce locally with no pesticides, using 95% less water and no carbon emissions resulting from shipping produce from far away. And no single use plastic needed!

#5 It’s stress free gardening!

Gardyn offers a personal smart assistant, Kelby, through their app membership. Kelby monitors every aspect of your Gardyn and makes growing easy and fun.

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